Swagtron High Speed Electric Scooter with 8.5″ Cushioned Tires, Cruise Control and 1-Step Portable Folding – Swagger 5

Swagtron High-Speed Electric Scooter

  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Brand: Swagtron
  • Dimension: 5 x 17 x 44.3 inches
  • Color: Black

More Features:  It gives a high-speed limit of 29 kilometers per hour. It is easily changeable with long battery life.

Design: This is a portable and foldable scooter. It has an aluminum alloy frame with a deep black color that handles every category of road. It is an indispensable scooter which comes with a stylish design.

Battery: It has Lithium-ion 36V 6AH battery which has great battery life. Its battery is charged and go, we can charge it anywhere we want and can easily move on.

Motor: It has 250W electric motor which gives a fast and comfortable ride to the users. It allows a speed of 18 miles per hour. We can cover 29 kilometers in an hour with the help of this fantastic motor.

Speed: The speed limit of this Swagtron scooter depends upon the weight of the rider and the terrains of the rider. A good rider can cover 29 kilometers in an hour with this scooter.

Battery Life: It comes with a good battery life of 3.5 hours which covers 6 to 12 miles of travel after its complete charging. We can go anywhere and whenever we want after completely charging this electric scooter.

Rider Weight: This product can support a person weighing 320 pounds. More than 320 pounds cannot get a comfortable ride on this scooter.

Ride Quality: Swagtron introduces this product with heavy motor and long-lasting battery with the help of which a user can get a comfortable and easy ride whenever and where ever they want. It produces a quality ride for a rider.

App Connectivity: It has a brilliant feature of app connectivity. We can connect Bluetooth, WIFI smartphone or any other device with this scooter. We can enjoy our ride with songs or any other activity because of this Bluetooth feature.

Tires: It features a rare tire technology which delivers smooth and comfortable performances even oh harsh, bumpy and uneven roads. Riders love their ride because of its smoothness on harsh roads.

Brakes: This Swagtron electric scooter has disc brakes which gives us a safety feature. It brakes easily work on roads and small streets.

Climbing Capacity: It has a climbing capacity of 20 degrees. A person can easily climb on rocks and high roads while riding this scooter.

Accessories: Swagtron introduces this product with many different features. It has a BELL, Headlight, Phone Mount and kickstand. This gives a positive point in its Buying guide. We can get a safe and easy journey.

Our Opinion

Pros: This is a worth buying product. It is for adults and kids. It comes with many beneficial features. It gives a high-speed limit of 29 kilometers per hour. It is easily changeable with long battery life. We can cover 3.5 hours after charging it completely. This product gives the rider a fast, easy, comfortable and fun ride. We can listen to songs while riding it while connecting it with our smartphone.

Cons: We have to check the tire pressure of this scooter off and on.

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