Razor E300 Electric Scooter

Razor E300 Electric Scooter – Matte Gray

  • Color: Matt Grey
  • Weight: 43 pounds
  • Dimension: 43 x 9 x 20.5 inches
  • Brand: Rozer

More Features: This electric scooter features a rare wheel which gives an awesome ride. It increases the traction and control of the scooter.

Design: It has a high-Quality metallic frame that gives it a stylish look.

Battery: It has a rechargeable 24V battery which is sealed with lead-acid. This high voltage battery gives a continuous use of 40 minutes.

Motor: It has a 250-watt motor which is high- torque with chain speed. This motor gives a high-speed ride.

Fun Ride: Riding this scooter is Fun. Kids love to ride it because of its high-speed technology and easy usage.

Rider Weight: The weight limit of the rider for this scoter is 250 pounds.

Speed: It gives us a speed of 15mph. It is a fast and speedy product.

Chain: It has a ream less chain which is attached with its motor. So we cannot get ant grease problem.

Kickstand: It includes a high grip kickstand which is comfortable and it gives a balance to ride the scooter.

Battery Life: We can ride this scooter till 15 hours after its full charging.

Tires: This Razor electric scooter has 15-inch tires which give an extra smooth ride. These tires help us to ride hard surfaces very smoothly.

Handle Bar: It includes a handlebar of 25 x 16 inches which gives a tight grip.

Kids Ride: This scooter gives comfortable rides to kids. It is not suitable for adults.

Best Choice: It is the best choice for kids and parents. With its comfortable ride parents are happy to gift this scooter to their children.

Wheel: This electric scooter features a rare wheel which gives an awesome ride. It increases the traction and control of the scooter.

Distance Cover: This electric scooter covers a lot of distance in less time.

Accelerator: This Scotty has a twist-grip accelerator. This feature gives it a comfortable gripe.

Charger Included: A Battery charger is included with this electric scooter. With the help of the charger, we can easily charge its battery anytime.

Maintenance: The maintenance of this electric scooter is very easy. We can clean it in a very easy way.


Age Range: The age limit of riding this Razor electric scooter is from 8 years to 13 years. It is not suitable for adults.

Safety: It comes with many safety features like twist grip brakes, 10 inch high tires, and a powerful motor.

Enjoyable: This electric scooter gives an enjoyable ride. We can ride it, on the other hand, we can enjoy our journey.

Kick Feature: We can ride this scooter by just kicking it. A comfortable and soft journey is just a kick away after buying this product.

Our Opinion

Pros: It is a worth buying product. It has a long-lasting battery life with a powerful motor. Kids love to ride with this electric scooter. It is easily manageable with its fast charger and handlebar. It has smooth tires which gives a comfortable ride.

Cons: It is not made for adults.

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