Rambo 4 Knife With Leather Sheath

“When a warrior needs a knife, he relies on experience.” Rambo 4 or John Rambo was released around 23 January 2008 which became a Superhit following the previous three parts of the franchise.

Sylvester Stallone himself has co-written the movie and Rambo is played by him who is a Vietnam War veteran. The knife was designed by Gil Hibben after many attempts, so that, it suits the character.

As compared to other parts of the movie, this knife is rather made with a crude appearance as he loses his previous knife and has to make another from raw materials available at around him at that moment.

The movie has a lot of fans following, thus the demand for the new signature knife is high. The Rambo knife has a manly design which can be great for using it as a survival weapon or for outdoor activities such as camping, bushcraft, and hunting.

Moreover, people also keep it as a souvenir, fan product, or a gift from father to son on embracing manhood. Some gift it to elder war heroes or military veterans as a sign of respect.

Rambo 4 Knife

IV Machete Knife

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  • Size: 17 7/8” and 11 3/8” blade.
  • Dimensions: 16.5 × 11.5 × 10.8 inches (0.27 meters)
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: 1090 High carbon steel
  • Item Weight: 1 pound (0.45 kg)
  • Brand Name: Hibben
  • Included Components: Lanyard and Leather Belt Sheath

Material: The Rambo 4 knife is forged by hand into a machete style blade by using carbon steel.

Durability: Carbon steel provides Durability as it is extremely strong and shock-resistant as well as safe and can be recycled.

Grip and Support: A black fabric is wrapped around which provides an extra grip. The knife is a full tang which provides good grip and support. It is a heavy piece of the blade as if is half a quarter thick.

Multipurpose: The knife offers many purposes as it consists of a heavy blade, it can hop or split wood, be used in camping and hiking due to sharp edges. Moreover, it is stylish and eye-catching.

Other Benefits: The product comes with many extra perks such as a brown leather Lanyard which gives support and style. Along with a leather belt sheath giving it a smooth touch.

Our Opinion: The product is recommended as the service provides fast delivery, is in good condition, the best quality and packaging.

The customer satisfaction for this product is based on its reasonable rate and is affordable. The majority of the reviews given by the customers for this item are good.

The product is a great choice for a gift. It can be used for many other purposes. It adds an extra layer to one’s character as the purpose served by the knife in the movie may reflect the belief of the one using it.

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