Rambo 2 Knife Full Review and Personal Opinions

Since the release of the movie “Rambo: First blood part 2” in 1985, people have been fascinated by the signature knife used by Silvester Stallone, who plays Rambo in the movie. Rambo is a super hit movie and top-grossing at that time. Since then, fans are exploring and purchasing this special knife from the market all over the world. 

Some followers desire to copy and carry the style of the iconic hero while others see it as a symbol of survival. The Rambo knife became famous, catching the attention of many eyes. It was made and designed by an American knife Smith, James Buel Lile, famously known as the ‘Arkansas knife Smith’. 

The Rambo knife has a rugged and manly design which can be great for using as a survival weapon or for outdoor activities such as camping, bushcraft, and hunting. Moreover, people also keep it as a souvenir, fan product, or a gift from father to son on embracing manhood.

Rambo 2 Knife Review

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  • Brand Name: RAMBO II
  • Size: 15.36 Inch overall and 9 Inch blade
  • Colour: Black
  • Shipping Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Material: Stainless steel and leather
  • Warranty Description: Manufacturer Warranty
  • Included Components: Fishing Line, Hooks, Sinkers, Compass, Matches

Material and Manufacturing: The survival knife is made up of stainless steel and leather sheath making it rust-resistant as well as giving a smooth touch. The Rambo 2 knife is made in China by master cutlery. It is officially licensed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Other Benefits: The product comes with a complete survival kit which includes a fishing line, a hook, sinkers, matches, and a lot more.

Performance and Durability: It is made with high-quality synthetic materials which provide good performance and durability. It has polished edges which gives it a fine finishing. The handle is covered by a cord which gives it greater traction and is easy to hold.

Our Opinion: It is multi-purpose as it is stylish which will add a great touch to your personality. The product is sharp and comes with an extra accessory that is a working compass. It also comes with a leather sheath with John J. Rambo engraved on it featuring the original knife used in the movie.

It does not come with a sharpening stick although its edges are razor sharp and made up of stainless steel which will remain rust-free if taken proper care of. The overall quality is great, well made and up to the mark, The design, as well as size, is ditto from that of the movie. The weight is significant and sturdy.

The product is recommended because of its low cost and affordability. Delivery is done on time and in perfect condition. Moreover, the product has many good reviews and ratings given by customers.

It is the best quality, serves many purposes, and is voguish. It is a good choice to give it as a gift to a Rambo fan or use it for oneself as it is a signature version which fulfils the action-filled Rambo vibes.

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