Hollow Handle Survival Knives

There are lots of moments come in life where the use of a knife becomes necessary. There are various kinds of knives available in the market. But in this review, we specifically discuss the hollow handled survival knives.

Survival knives are the most important part of the wilderness. It helps in cutting branches of wood, making shelters, cutting papers and sometimes also help in defending ourselves too.

The hollow handle knives are also a kind of survival knives with some extra features. Such types of knives come with some extra space to put some important supplies during outdoor activities. The handle of this knife has a small compartment inside that contains needle, thread, fishing hooks, matchsticks, and striker paper. Some hollow knives only provide the space to put emergency supplies in it. They are not providing a survival kit along with a knife.

This extra feature adds value to survival knives. Here is the review of some best survival knives with a hollow handle that helps to choose the best product without wasting time and energy.

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Top 7 Hollow Handle Survival Knives

1: Maxam 12-Piece Survival Knife Set 

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  • Product Dimension: 5*5*8 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Blade Length: 7 inch
  • Overall Length: 14 inch
  • Handle Type: Hollow with a small kit

Best Military survival set: Maxam knife set comes with 12 pieces including two knives and different kinds of blades. It is a complete survival kit for hunters, campers, hikers and adventurous people. This is a starter survival kit having the capability of any kind of cutting perfectly.

Variety of blades: There are two knives in the kit. A main hollow handle survival knife has an overall length of 14 inches with a small kit inside. The other one is the Skelton kind of knife with a gut hook feature. The gut hook has blade features but its shape is a bit different than the blade.

Incredible innovation: This knife has a leather sheath. That has attached a slingshot feature. The slingshot working capacity is not more than the blade. It is an extra feature of a knife but without mentioning any points on it.

Fully equipped knife: This survival knife is fully equipped with material that is necessary for hunting. The hollow handle survival kit includes bandages, tiny tweezers, a small razor blade, a pencil, a needle, safety pins, and matchsticks for emergencies. There is no need to wait for help. This beautifully designed Maxam 12 piece knife set designed perfectly for outdoor activities.

Opinion: The best knife for beginners with a complete survival kit. It is best for hunting and fishing. The overall quality is not less than other survival knives. Overall, a good product within budget.

2: K Exclusive Jungle Survival Knife

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  • Weight: 1.3 pounds
  • Blade Length: 8 1/2 inch
  • Handle Type: Hollow with a survival kit

Innovative Design: The knife is specially designed for the wilderness. It gives a complete package in one knife. The knife has a mini kit inside it with a compass. A pointed-tip knife protects in danger by cutting things nicely and smoothly. This is more accurate to say that the jungle trip is incomplete without a K Exclusive survival knife.

Handle Design: The handle is wrapped with a cord for a firm grip.  The hollow handle has a mini kit inside it. The cap of the handle has a built-in compass to that is the best feature in night adventures especially.

Survival kit with supplies: The mini survival kit in the knife contains matchsticks, fishing hooks, striker paper, thread, and needle to save in emergencies. This mini kit helps in situations where you may need help to cope with it. It is a nice feature of this knife.

Opinion: The knife has a double-edge blade working smoothly. The serrated edge helps to cut branches of wood and also help confidently in making a shelter. The detachable blade is another quality of this knife. That can be used separately too as per requirement. It is an excellent product within an excellent price range.

 3: Cold Steel Survival Knife – Black

Steel Survival Edge

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  • Dimension: 10*3*2 inches
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • Blade Length: 5 inch
  • Overall Length: 9 1/4 inch
  • Handle Type: Hollow handle

Blade material: The blade is specially made by German 4116 stainless steel. It is very sharp and the following the drop point style. The 2.5mm blade thickness makes it harder and durable.

Handle Material: The handle material of the knife is designed by high rated polypropylene. This is a synthetic resin that is specifically used in moulding materials. There are small silicon rings on the handle that help in a strong grip. Another quality of the handle is of double finger protector. That is best for safety point of view. The outer sheet of the handle is waterproof. It protects from a slip of blade.

Leather sheath: The leather sheath is good enough. It is made of high-quality leather and best fitted for a knife. There are no issues to put-in and out the knife from the sheath. It helps to carry the knife easily.

Hollow handle capability: The knife is designed with a hollow handle but no survival kit inside. There is enough space to put the necessities of outdoor activities inside it.

Opinion: The first impression of the knife shows the best quality of it. It has a small sharp blade with a lightweight quality. It is good for camping and sometimes for personal use too.

4: Black Ultimate Survival Knife

Ultimate Survival Knife

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  • Dimension: 15*2*3 inches
  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Overall Length: 15 inch
  • Handle Type: Hollow with a small kit

Presentation of Knife: The knife is nicely packed in a black box. The overall look of the knife is impressive. It has sharp blades but not more than a razor, fine quality rubber handle, strong grip, and survival kit. It is a nice combination of the sharp blade with a rubber hollow handle.

Blade sharpness: The blade of the knife is sharp and has a dual capacity of cutting. The dual-edged blade is used to cut paper from one side and another toothed blade for sawing. The blade thickness is 1\8 and it is made of high quality of stainless steel.

The survival kit capacity: The kit inside a hollow handle consists of three matchsticks, fishing hooks, striker paper, and tiny sinker. It is best for fishing and camping. There is enough space to insert some more things as per requirement.

Outdoor activities: This knife is the best for outdoor activities. The handle is covered with a high-quality rubber that helps in a strong grip. The leather sheath protects the knife from damages in bad weather.

Opinion: The knife is the best combination of quality within a nominal price. It is best for nature lovers. It works well in fishing and other outdoor activities.

5: USA Defenders Military Survival Knife

Military Survival Knife

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  • Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Overall Length: 14 inch
  • Blade Length: 9 inch
  • Handle Type: Hollow with a small kit

An Ultimate survival knife: It is the best ultimate survival knife that works efficiently and smoothly. The dual-edged knife helps in cutting sharply without any resistance. A high-quality sheath enhances its value and makes it durable.

Blade material: The blade is made of high quality black stainless steel with a serrated edge. The blade is very sharp like a razor. The concept of a dual-edged blade is used in this knife. That is also called a double tooth blade. The double tooth blade works slowly but cut smoothly.

Leather Sheath Quality: The high-quality leather sheath protects the blade from scratches. Its waterproof material helps in bad weather and increases the durability of the knife. The sheath is without a tie belt. But it is nicely fitted to secure the blade.

Opinion: A nice product with a mini survival kit. The overall packaging is fantastic. Even though the leather sheath has no tie belt but still, the quality of the leather is good. The blade is very sharp and works nicely. The complete survival kit is an extra feature of this product. It is a perfectly nice and durable product use ever.

6: Coleman Survival Knife

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  • Dimension: 8.5*2*0.9 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 ounces
  • Blade Length: 1.5 inch
  • Overall Length: 8.5 inch
  • Handle Type: Hollow with a small kit

Serrated Edge Blade: The 1.5-inch blade has a serrated edge. It is a very sharp, small and light blade. It is best to cut wood branches or other woods with the help of some other tools. It is the best tactic knife ever.

Handle Design: The handle is well balanced with a lightweight feature. Its textured design allows a strong grip without any slippage. The end of the handle has a built-in compass. It has a nice space inside to cover all the necessary material for the wilderness.

Emergency Supplies: There is no need to put an extra weight with you while hunting or camping. The Coleman survival knife has a compartment inside its handle with all emergency supplies. It contains match sticks, fishing hooks, needle, thread, and a fishing line. These supplies help in emergencies in the wilderness.

Opinion: A small, sharp and lightweight survival knife is a quality product. It has serrated edges, even though plain edges work more smoothly with fixed blade survival knives. But still, it is a good package knife at a competitive price. There is a protective leather sheath for a knife and a compass that helps in night adventures. It is a good product and recommends to buy for adventurers.

7: Boker Plus 02BO001 Apparo – Hollow Handle Survival Knife

Fixed Blade Knife

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  • Dimension: 6*1*1 inch
  • Weight: 1.8 pounds
  • Blade Length: 7 inches
  • Overall Length: 12.38 inches
  • Handle Type: Hollow without small kit

Hardness and strength capacity: A good survival knife is recognized by its blade sharpness, hardness and strength power. The Boker Plus Apparo is designed by Newton Martin. Its blade is designed with 440C stainless steel. The heat-treated 440C steel makes the blade harder, give it strength and wear resistance.

Firm Grip: The handle of the knife is designed in such a way that it protects it from a slip of fingers. The inner end of the handle has a double edge that helps to use a knife smoothly with maximum safety. The handle is wrapped with a cord for a firm grip. The hollow handle is another feature of this knife that has an inside compartment with enough space to put emergency supplies as per requirement.

Opinion: The Boker plus is a good choice with a hollow handle and fixed blade features. Its handle is tightly wrapped with cord and has a survival kit at the top of the handle.

Although a survival kit is not included in this knife, it is good to insert supplies in it according to the situation. It is good enough for cutting firewood’s, camping and hiking. The price is a bit high but not more than the quality of a product.

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