Gil Hibben Rambo 3 Knife

Rambo III is the 20th Anniversary edition. The knife is originally made by Gil Hibben. There are an individual number series on each product. This individual number makes it unique from other knives. It is in a pretty large box with some details on the back of the box. The Rambo III knife is dedicated to brave Americans who served their country in Vietnam.

It is the best gift for collectors and movie lovers of the 80s after the Rambo I and Rambo II edition. Its enhanced features are lovable and amazing. It has a wooden handle to grip it firmly. The handle color is black.

The color of the leather sheath is brown in general. The thickness of a knife is 1/4th. It has sharp blades as a razor. Its size is the same as in the movie. The product has a laminate hole on the top of the handle. That is another added value in the product, to hang it on the wall perfectly.

Rambo 3 Knife

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  • Product Dimension: 20*5*2 inches
  • Weigh: 3.2 ponds
  • Blade Thickness: 0.25 inches
  • Blade Length: 13 inches
  • Colour: Black, Brown
  • Handle length: 5 inches
  • Material: 440 stainless steel blade, the leather sheath covering
  • Overall length: 18 inches
  • Model number: MC-RB1II

Features and guide:

Certificate of Authenticity: The Knife is coming with a certificate of authenticity. This feature is more valuable for Rambo knife collectors. That can be hanged anywhere in the home. It is the best satisfactory thing for collectors who love First Blood. This certificate has some information relating to knife use in the movie. That is a worth-seeing feature of the product.

Uniqueness: Each knife has a beautiful carving on it with a unique number. These numbers are craved on sharp stainless steel blades amazingly. That is the eye-catching value of this product.

Sharp Blades: The 440 stainless steel blades are sharp as a razor. Most often, the blades of the knife made by 440 stainless steel that is best for the strength and hardness of the knives. The same concept is using in Rambo III. That never loses the quality of this unique product.

Product Wrapping: The knife is properly wrapped in a foaming sheet that protects its blade from scratching. The beautiful carving on the knife adds value to the product that shows its originality.

Quality of Leather Sheath: The leather sheath is top-Grain. The top-Grain leather shows a good quality of sheath. It is made up of cowhide. The leather sheath has an option of leg tie too. It gives the knife an amazing look.

Out-Door use: The knife is more suitable for outdoor activities. It is best for camping, hunting, hiking, and fishing.

Our Opinion: The product is well crafted. It comes with a nice tip cover. The edges of the blade are plain and smooth. The product is a great asset in collections. The overall presentation is a bit low but the features of a knife are more satisfactory.

A great value of money to buy this knife. Although the price is a bit high, no compromise on quality. That is Rambo III with superb quality and excellence. It is not only a collection for oneself but also can be used as an amazing gift to friends and family. A pretty cool product for collectors.

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