First Blood RAMBO 1 Hunting Knife

The Rambo I MC-RB1 hunting knife is a beautiful gift of First Blood. First Blood was an American action movie of the 1980s. One of the most famous movies using a Hunting knife that becomes the identity of true lovers of movies or collectors. The Rambo I knife is an officially licensed collector survival knife.

It is using 440 steel and made in China. It has thick, stainless steel cut down blades edges with a strong grip. It is available in different colors. It looks heavy with a good quality leather sheath.

Its handle grip is a bit smaller as 14 inches long with a screw on the top of it. It is very flexible in hand. Even though its handle is a bit smaller but because of its strong grip looks nice. It is more suitable to place in living rooms or on a shelf near to DVD collections for people who love 80’s movies.

Rambo 1 Knife

Hunting Knife Set

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  • Knife Dimension: 15*4*2
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Colors: Green, Brown
  • Material: 440A stainless steel, the leather sheath covering
  • Overall length: 14 inch
  • Model number: MC-RB1


Quality: The knife is made of high-quality material. It is using 440A steel for blades and a good quality leather sheath to cover it. That secures the stainless steel blade from scratches. The 440A stainless steel provides more strength and hardness to blades. It is commonly used in steel in knives to give it a sharp look.

Conversation ability: It is a true conversation product of First Blood for collectors of the 80s. It is best to display at home. It can be used as a safe toy for children.

Durability: This product is a nice combination of performance and durability. The cap with Built-in Compass adds extra value to this product. The survival kit is also worth seeing in the knife. Although not working too well but put the value for which you pay.

Price: The product price is not very high. It is available on Amazon at $101. The price of the knife is not more than the quality provided.

Availability: It is available on Amazon with the best features including reasonable price and high-quality.

Survival kit: This is an amazing feature of a knife. The cap of the handle has a built-in compass in It. A complete survival kit that does not look waterproof is inside the cap.

The kit consists of some pins, blades, hooks, and matchsticks. It is a nice combination of knife with a survival kit that is liked by most of the knife collectors.

Our Opinion: The knife is very lightweight and balanced. The stainless steel blades enhance the excellence of the product. It looks like waterproof but not in actuality. This knife is a nice edition for collectors.

It works well for fishing, camping, and hiking. The small survivor kit inside the cap of the handle is nice. It consists of some match sticks, pins, blades, and fishing hocks. Simply it is a superb weapon for camping. Although its packaging is not very attractive still it is something that has worth it.

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