5 Best Vacuum Steam Cleaner: Reviews & Buying Guide

Inventions of science have made our life effortless. We can easily do any work with the help of these machines. Modern inventions save our time. Current inventions are some kind of blessing for us. In the present time, there are a lot of devices which makes our work easier. Likewise, our housework also has become easier by some machines of modern inventions.

Very important and unique appliance for floor cleaning is Steam Vacuum Cleaners. An amazing appliance which is automatic and run by the help of electric power. Some of them are commercial models. A brilliant factor of this device is that it kills bacteria during its cleaning process. A huge amount of heat and steam is generating by this device. This factor is helpful for cleaning the floor, carpets, upholstery, etc. Large carpets can be cleaned by this appliance.

It is a device which can clean hard floors in a couple of time. It is also beneficial for carpets, rugs, and curtains. It is not very heavy in weight. People can easily lift it from one place to another. Another best thing is that you can clean your ovens. By the help of steam, cleaning can be very easy and we do not need to effort a lot for this. So, we considered it a huge blessing by Science for us. All work of cleaning can be done by vacuum steam cleaner.

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1: McCulloch Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner

Steam Cleaner

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  • Steam Lock Switch
  • Powerful Jet Nozzle
  • Floor Mop Attachment
  • Large Water Tank
  • Power Through Dirty Floors
  • Added Scrubbing Power
  • Brush Away Grease and Grime

More Features: This amazing product is joined with a lot of attachments. Steam is highly produced.

The most refined and best vacuum steam cleaner is known as McCulloch Steam Cleaner. It is known as the best product for cleaning purpose. This device has a professional solution for cleaning all dirt. It provides a powerful steam blast Work of hours can be done in seconds by this amazing product with high-quality features. Many attachments are given with this product. These attachments are very helpful in cleaning hard grease stains from oven and bbq grills. Large tank capacity produces steam for a very long time. Scrub pads are beneficial for the removal of debris on a large area. Floor mop is also attached to clean floor stains.

Accessories: it has nylon brushes, brass brushes, a squeegee, a scrub pad, a floor mop, a cone brush, a floor brush, a telescoping wand, cleaning pads, and multi-length adjustable hoses.

Heat: This device takes 8 minutes to heat up. After heating up it produces steam to clean dirt.

Tank-capacity: Its water tank can be filled up to 48 Ounces. Large space for water is given.

Tank Size: the size of the tank is 48oz.

Weight: This item has a weight of 10lbs.

Steam Duration: It produces steam for 45 minutes. So, everything can be cleaned perfectly.

Cord: 15.7 ft. long cord is attached to it.

Steam Rate: 33-37 g/min is the steam rate of this device.

Volts:  It takes 120 volts of electricity.

Watts: 1500 watts are required to run this device.

Our Opinion:

Pros: This amazing product is joined with a lot of attachments. Steam is highly produced. Long cord and the large hose are attached. It cleans the dirt perfectly.

Cons: Most of the times steam loses heat. Some attachments are of low quality. Buttons stuck during use.

2: Bissell Hard Surface Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld Steam Cleaner

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  • Includes fabric steaming tool
  • Perfect for hard to reach places
  • Powerful high pressure steam cleaning with Steam on Demand Trigger

More Features:  it a strong cleaning device to remove hard stains from the floor. It produces a high pressure of steam.

One of the best vacuum steam cleaners is Bissell Handheld Cleaner. It is a small and powerful device which reduces all cleaning problems. Cleaning with harmful chemicals could be dangerous for this machine it is a tiny device which can be easily handled.

It is used for various cleaning purpose such as to clean cabinet, knobs, handles of doors, ovens, floor, taps. It is also very beneficial for sanitizing the sealed surface of the graniteThis product is cheap and effective. It is useful for quick routine jobs of cleaning. It can also use for cleaning bedsheets. The process of steaming is safe for the hard surface of the granite.

Water Tank Capacity: As it is small in size, it cannot work for a couple of hours. You need to refill it to start your work again. It has a 6.6 Ounce water tank capacity.

Energy: It is a modern electric device which takes1000watts of energy to start.

Cord: 20 feet long power cord is attached in this appliance which is usually of an arm’s length. Its mobility is limited.

Weight: it has a weight of 3 pounds. It is not big and heavy. It is very easy to handle

Low-Budget: This amazing dirt cleaning device is not an expensive product. People have found their price reasonable. It is a low-priced product with versatile attachments and better functions.

Design: It is a hand-held device. It is shaped like a kettle. Same as it is easy to hold for cleaning purpose.

Accessories: it has a detail brush tool, a flat scraping tool, an angle concentrator tool, a grout brush tool, a fabric steamer tool, and a window squeegee tool.

Our Opinion:

Pros: it a strong cleaning device to remove hard stains from the floor. It produces a high pressure of steam.

Cons: water tank capacity is less. Hose of this product is not big. It is much not easy to hold.

3: Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop

Steam Pocket Mop

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  • Whole Floor Cleaning
  • Stuck-on Stains
  • Touch-Free Technology
  • Washable and Reusable
  • Dirt Grip Pads

More Features: It is a well-designed product with convenient storage. It a lightweight machine which is physible to handle.it is a powerful cleaning tool.

Another best vacuum steam cleaner is Shark Genius Steam cleaner. It is an easy and effective device for home cleaning. Corners, shelves, can be easily clean with the help of it. It is known as STEAM BLASTER as it has mighty functions. It is rapid in working.  It can do a huge bundle of work in a couple of times. A fast device is considered always better for cleaning purpose. It has amazing features. It is perfect to remove dirt. Steam blaster vanishes all the stains. It has a strong grip. It is a well-designed model. It has convenient storage. It picks up the waste and stores it in a bag automatically.

Water Capacity: This product has a water tank capacity of 350 ml. Water is filled inside the device to make steam.

Weight: Shark vacuum cleaner is has a weight of 5.78 pounds. It is not much heavy to hold.

Grip Pads: It has Dual-sided grip pads which are very beneficial for the removal of stains. It has a strong grip. These are washable pads and can use over and over.

Cord Length: A cord attached to it is 22ft. long.

High Technology: It is built by high technology. It has touch-free technology. It can easily pick all the dirt from the surface.

Our Opinion

Pros: It is a well-designed product with convenient storage. It a lightweight machine which is physible to handle.it is a powerful cleaning tool.

Cons: it has a short water tank and short warranty of one year.

4: Bissell Symphony

Bissell Symphony

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  • Dry Tank Technology
  • Powerful Cyclonic Vacuum
  • Change Mop Pads Easily
  • Customize Your Cleaning
  • Mop Pad Kit ǀ 1252
  • Clean Across All Sealed Floors

More Features: it heats up immediately. It is good for sanitization of sealed surface.

One of the topmost steams cleaner is BISSEL symphony. This is a product with amazing features. Like other vacuum cleaners, it is also used for cleaning purpose. A very fine and better cleaning can be done by it. It is a multi-functional device that can do work of hours It can kill about 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Water is used to make steam to kill bacteria. It is one of the best devices for removal of dirt issues. Everyone can easily use this device. It is not much difficult to use. Time and labor can be saved by this product as it is a multi-tasking cleaning device.

Multi-Tasking: It has an awesome feature that performs dual tasks at the same time. It can clean rubbish and also can steam hard floor at the same moment. This feature is beneficial for time-saving.

Volt: It is an automatic device. It requires 120 Volts of electricity to start itself.

Tank Capacity: The capacity of the water tank is 12.8oz. Water can be filled up to this limit.

Heat-up Time: It can take 30 minutes to get heated and to start again for the cleaning process.

Mop Pads: An adjustable handle is attached in this product. 4 mop pads attached to it helps in cleaning. These pads help it to clean.

Cord Length: 25 feet long cord is attached to it.

Other benefits: It is not only good for hard floors but also better for pet owners. They use this

product to steam and clean their pets.

Our Opinion

Pros: it heats up immediately. It is good for sanitization of sealed surface. It heats up immediate to make steam.

Cons: It is difficult to hold. It has a small water tank. It is not useful for the kitchen.

5: Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaning​

Steam Cleaning​

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  • Model Sienna Luna Plus
  • Sonic Micro Pulse Vibration
  • Breaks up Dirt and Grime
  • LED Headlight
  • Reusable Microfiber Pad
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner

More Features: it is easy to use. Vibration mode is used instead of scrubbing.

One of the best Vacuum steams cleaner is Sienna Luna. It is an amazing product with brilliant features. Sienna Luna is very beneficial for cleaning the floor. Mostly, the process of vanishing dirt from wood floor, toys of children, counters, shelves, microwave, baby grills, bathroom accessories, and windows can also be clean by the help of this powerful cleaning device.

MicroPulse Vibrations: It produces 90 vibrations per second to eradicate dirt. Vibrations produce a strong effect for cleaning purpose. It erases strong dirt and stains.

Heat Temperature: The temperature of heat is 212F which is generated immediately from this product in a short time of 30 seconds. These heat waves kill all the germs and bacteria.

Steam Level: It has 3levels of steam. It can be adjusted according to your need. It has great cleaning ability. You can not only the clean floor but also many other things. The steam level is up to your own choice.

Microfiber Pads: It has 2 Eco microfiber pads are attached for cleaning. These pads can be used over and over as they are washable. It has a very unique style. The soft-touch control panel helps in immediate working. It does not need any support to stand.

Battery Saver: An awesome feature of SHUT OFF to save battery is also included. It can be used for long period of time. This product has also a warranty to claim.

Our Opinion

Pros: Grease from the floor can be easily removed.

Cons: After a specific time, the sound of humming started coming from it. It works less well. It also stops making steam.

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