Best Fixed Blade Survival Knives

Survival knives are most commonly used in a natural environment. It is the best equipment to use in emergencies. Arm forces use survival knives frequently. These knives help them in case of lost weapons. Survival knives are more comfortable to use during camping, woodcutting, hiking, and some outdoor activities.

Survival knives are available in different patterns. Some knives come with heavy blades that increase their weight too. Some knives are very lightweight with a sharp thin blade.

Survival knives are famous because of their advanced features that increase their durability and performance. Specifically, the sharpness of the blade, lightweight, hollow handles, and compass in the cap are some main features of different kinds of survival knives. If somebody wants to choose the best survival knife, he must know some important things about survival knives. Such as fixed blade, the blade should be extended the entire length of the knife, high blade steel, blade thickness and length, and firm handle.

A complete review of best-fixed blade survival knives (Top 7) is given below that helps to choose the right product without wasting time and energy.

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Best Fixed Blade Survival Knives

1: KA-BAR Fixed Blade Survival Knives

Fighting Knife

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  • Product Dimension: 2*3.1*2.2 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds
  • Blade length: 7 inch
  • Overall length: 11.875 inches
  • Style: Fixed blade

Presentation skills: The knife is best for a gift to others because of its pretty nice look. It is specifically used by military troops. It can also be used in showcases as a pride. The retired people love it because of its long-life functioning. The knife with great features of the gold plated brass guard is famous among hunters and military troops to use it firmly in the natural environment.

Lather sheath quality: High-quality leather is used in sheath designing. That protects the blade and makes it durable and strong. This outer covering of the sheath also helps inconsistency of blade sharpness.

Blade quality: The blade is using high carbon stainless steel in this knife. The blade is too sharp and resists its sharpness for a long time. The blade style is fixed.

Our Opinion: The Ka-Bar knife is an excellent survival knife with sharp blades and high-quality leather sheath for its protection. The blade size is 7 inches and the handle length is 5 inches with pinned butt cap at the top of the handle. It is a high-quality product with a competitive price.

2: Gerber Fixed Blade Survival Knives

Ultimate Knife

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  • Product Dimension: 13*5.5*2.2 inches
  • Blade Length: 4.75 inches
  • Weight: 14.4 ounces with sheath
  • Style: Fixed

Sharp, durable blade: It is the best knife for hunters, backpackers, and adventurers to use it as per requirement. The 4.75 inches long blade has a drop-point. Its edges are serrated to help in cutting ropes, and firewoods. The blade is made of hard stainless steel that prevents it from corrosion and enhances its durability.

Innovative Design: It is very difficult to handle survival tools if they are not comfortable. Gerber Bear Grylls uses such techniques in the designing of this knife that makes it more comfortable, easy to handle and grip it strongly.

Military-grade nylon sheath: The sheath of a knife is made by military-grade material that makes it lightweight and extends its life for further use. The sheath is also waterproof and has a life-saving fire rod inside it.

Our Opinion: This is the best knife for camping. The price of the product is a bit high but not more than the quality of the survival knife. It is a good product for beginners who need it for camping or make a part of their backpacks.

3: Buck 199 Special Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Fixed Blade Knife

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  • Product Dimension: 6*1*1 inch
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Blade length: 6 inch
  • Overall length: 12 inches
  • Style: Fixed blade

Sharp Blade: This knife is based on the traditional knife design. The 6 inches 420HC stainless steel blade is as sharp as razor with clip-point. It is best for hunting, skin scaling and sometimes defend own self too.

Smooth and balanced grip: The handle of the Buck knife is following traditional design. It is a black phenolic handle with a bit swell design that supports a strong palm grip. It looks elegant and feels comfortable. It is a great combination of handle material and blade with an overall length of 12 inches.

Easy to carry: A high-quality leather sheath makes it easy to carry a knife everywhere. Its excellent design of the belt loop enhances the charm of this knife. The Knife is nicely fitted inside a leather sheath that also protects it from scratches.

Our Opinion: This is a flawless, unique traditional design knife that is best suitable for cutting, piercing and slicing. Its sharp blade and the high-quality leather sheath is an extra quality of this knife. It is the best value of money and time ever. Because of its traditional design, it is good enough for collectors too.

4: Schrade SCHF Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Blade Knife

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  • Product Dimension: 8*5*3 inches
  • Weight: 7ounces
  • Overall length: 6.4 inches
  • Style: Fixed blade

Durability: The blade of the knife is made of 1095high carbon steel. This is an extra worth of this knife. This kind of high carbon steel gives durability to the knife. It helps to enhance not only the life of a knife but also boosts up its functionality too.

Quick and easy access: This knife is best for everyday use. The removable leather pouch helps to carry this knife for outdoor activities without much burden. It is best for camping with advance features that extend its productivity.

Safe to use: The handle grip is very nice. It prevents the blade from slipping out. The lanyard holes make it’s designing more attractive. This is a full tang designed knife that mans the blade extends from tip to end of the handle.

Our Opinion: The knife is nice with its improved features. It is best for camping. It can be used to cut wood but with the help of hatchet. The blade thickness is remarkable with its 1029 high carbon steel design. It is a bit heavy in size, so not recommend for fighting. It is best enough within competitive prices.

5: Gerber LMF II Fixed Blade Survival Knives

Infantry Knife

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  • Product Dimension: 12.3*5.4*3.1 inches
  • Weight: 1.34 pounds
  • Overall Length: 10.59 inches
  • Style: Fixed

Strong, Serrated Blades: This knife is specially designed for military troops. It is the best option in emergencies. It’s serrated, sharp blades to help in cutting firewood, build a shelter, or slice anything in danger.

Unique Buttcap: At the end of the knife, a built-in Buttcap is added in the knife. It is an amazing feature that helps especially to prevent electric shocks.

Versatile Design: The LMF II has a fully gripped the handle, with lashing holes in the handle. These holes help it to convert into the weapon and increase its usability. The black colour of the knife helps in night missions smoothly.

Built-in Sharpener in Sheath: The sheath of a knife includes a built-in sharpener inside. It helps to sharp blades when they stuck to use it well in emergencies. There is no need to wait or use old stuff at all.

Our Opinion: The LMF II is an excellent invention of Gerber Bear survival knives. From its design to functionality, the best product ever. Specifically designed for military troops to use it in emergencies. The price is not higher than its advance features and quality of the product.

6: Condor Fixed Blade Survival Knives

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  • Product Dimension: 31*1.25*0.75 inches
  • Weight: 0.80lbs
  • Blade length: 4.31 inches
  • Overall length: 9.3 inches
  • Style: Fixed blade

High-Quality: The overall product material is excellent. The 1075 high carbon steel is used in the blade. The finishing coating of the blade protects its sharpness. A very strong and amazing quality of blade attracts others to use it for camping and hunting.

Performance: The high-quality blade extends the durability and performance of the knife. The perfect thickness of 1/8 inches prevents it from breakage.

Leather Sheath: The high quality of leather sheath covers the knife very well. It covers the blade completely to protect it from scratches. The leather sheath is beautifully crafted using high-quality material.

Our Opinion: The Condor knives are incredible in value. It is best for woodwork. Most often, campers use it during camping and wood cutting to some extent. The nice and sharp blade helps to cut things without any hurdle.

The handle grip is balanced. There is no issue in a slip of the blade. The outer cover is properly fixed, not too loose or too tight. It can be used as a gift too. It is better to say, a nice fixed blade survival knife at a very competitive price.

7: Gerber StrongArm Fixed Blade Survival Knife

Fixed Blade Knife

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  • Product Dimension: 3*5.5*16 inches
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces
  • Overall length: 9.8 inches
  • Blade length: 4.8 inches
  • Style: Fixed blade

Full tang blade: The high-quality 420HC steel is used in blade designing. The fine edges of the blade and black ceramic coating make this knife incredible. The full tang blade is used in this knife that is mainly designed for Arm forces. Because of its sharpness and fine edge military troops use this knife during their training.

Strong grip: The strong handle grip increases the worth of a knife. The handle is made of diamond textured rubber. This texture provides strong grip capability and prevents slippage. That’s why the USA made a knife is more famous in Arm forces for training and in emergencies too.

Flexible sheath: The more amazing part of the knife is a detachable leather sheath. This thing allows changing the position of sheath either vertically or horizontally. It can easily place using a traditional drop-leg belt or horizontally on a tactical belt. This option is really helpful in difficult situations for the operator.

Our Opinion: The overall presentation of the knife is good. The quality can be a judge in one substance. The sheath enhance feature adds value to the product. The handle texture is nice. It makes the easy-grip on the knife and adds worth in it.

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